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Boys of Summer

This is the fourth year teams have competed for the title in the Boys of Summer Yahoo! League.  This year we expanded the league to include a Team from Cleveland – the Cleveland Steamers – who jumped from Triple A ball to The Show.  We now have an even 14 teams competing in the league this year.  If we were able to split the teams into two divisions like the SEC we would.  We will press the Yahoo! league office for this – for now we will continue to complete in a single winner take all format.

Trip Down Memory Lane

The past three seasons were very competitive, and we have seen changes to teams and managers both on and off the field.  The League has grown Internationally to include teams competing from the United States, Canada, and now Singapore.  The Los Malos Muchachos continue to complete as a representative from the Latin Community.

It’s is nice to see that the Canadians take time out from “Hockey Night in Canada” to complete in the league, and it is especially nice to see the names like Expos4Ever and The Mighty Montrealers each year.  The Expos4Ever continue to be a team to beat each year – winning the league in two of the past three years.  Nice to see someone remember the days of Gary Carter, Ellis Valentine, Andre Dawson, Tim (Rock) Rains and Al Oliver.  Maybe someday we will see the Expos come back to Montreal.

Judging by the fireworks between teams at the start of the 2012 season, we should have another very competitive season.

Good Luck this year boys!

Here is a summary of the Top 5 from the past three Boys of Summer seasons:

2011 (Team / Points)

  • First Place: The Yankee Clipper  (84.5); Second Place: Now I’m a Real GM (73.5); Third Place: Los Malos Muchachos (65.5); Fourth Place: Golden Glove (62.0); and Fifth Place: Expos4Ever (61.5).  Pulling up the rear was Team DL (36.0).  11 Teams completed in 2011.

2010 (Team / Points)

  • First Place: Expose4Ever (96.0); Second Place: Sounds (95.5); Third Place: Los Malos Muchachos (95.0); Fourth Place: Mighty Montrealers (91.0); and Fifth Place: K-Braves (82.5).  Pulling up the rear was I Said no Salt (18.5).  13 Teams completed in 2010.

2009 (Team / Points)

  • First Place: Expose4Ever (119.5); Second Place: My Team was Stayed (107.0); Third Place: Sounds (106.0); Fourth Place: Mighty Montrealers (102.5); and Fifth Place: The Say Hey Kid (97.5).  Pulling up the rear was Nashville Express (62.0).  12 Teams completed in 2009.


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  1. SoTo K #
    April 9, 2012

    Defending champs, the Yankee Clippers, decided to change their name to “the Kid” for the 2012 fantasy season, to commemorate the passing of the great Expo, World Series champion and Hall of Famer Gary Carter, who lost his battle with cancer, earlier this year. This one’s for you Kid!

    Also, with 3 ex-MVPs and 2 ex-Cy Young award winners, we are looking (and hoping) to battle for the top spot once again.

    Good luck to everyone!

    The Kid

  2. April 10, 2012

    “The Kid” it is then. We are a big fan of Gary Carter as well, particularly when he was a member of the Expos. Loved the uniforms, and really appreciated following the Expos beginning the summer of Tom “Rock” Rains rookie season when he was setting base stealing records until the season was shorten by a strike. Too bad Gary had to leave for the Big Apple. Have not seen your line up yet, and you have us nervous with all those MVPs and Cy Yong winners. We are just happy they are know as “former” winners. Los Malos Muchachos is know to get the current year winners! Game on!

  3. SoTo K #
    April 27, 2012

    Not the most desirable start for “The Kid” in 2012, as my team sits somewhere in the middle of the pack. But, looking at my team, the only place to go is up. Jose Reyes, last year’s NL batting champ is hovering around .200 and has 2 rbi without a homer. The additions of Lucas Duda and Matt Joyce should provide some power and average. LMM, are you regretting giving up Joyce? Well, I guess we will have to see. 🙂

    Finally, with a starting rotation of Halladay, Sabathia, Lester, Worley and Darvish (plus Hudson on the DL), there should be better times ahead for my team’s ERA and WHIP.

    And so the season continues….

    • April 29, 2012

      Hey Kid, there is still a long way to go! We are yet out of April and it’s good to see the high-level of interest and competition in the BoS League. I actually do miss having Matty Joyce on the team, but only had one OF spot open and am in need to pitching. I am hoping Mike Trout and help me out – as I am sure the Angles so as well!

      Yep – you have some great pitchers on your team for sure! I like my hitters and think they can keep me in it baring any injuries. Really nervous on Carlos Beltran – but do believe Robinson Cano will play better to offset any decline by some of the older vets.


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