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This is a rendering of a photograph I took of an older section of Singapore looking across the Singapore River towards the Fullerton Bay Hotel.  If you can feel the warmth and charm of the Singapore from the picture, please let me know!  To relax and get far far way from any of the silliness of the Fantasy Baseball Leagues I love to put myself behind the lens of a camera, and try to capture on film an emotion I am feeling at the time.

Here it was joy and amazement!  You can almost hear – if you listen closely – to the music coming across the river from the restaurant tucked underneath an awning on the back of the Fullerton Bay Hotel.

On this particular evening, it was Louis Armstrong singing one of his hits.  His trumpet never sounded any better than it did this evening as the boats made their way under the bridge and past the hotel.  There is a stillness in the air, and yet even standing there you can feel the soft breeze blowing the flag on the top of the hotel.

Maybe this picture reminds you of a city where you are from, or a city where you have visited or maybe have seen on a movie screen.  If I captured the feeling right from this angle, this photo will help take you back to that special place where you can relax.

Singapore is an amazing City / Country.  The people have always been so nice and helpful to me and have made all my trips here seem special.  Form this vantage point in the photo, you can appreciate the history of old Singapore and also see the modern and vibrate section of new Singapore just across the bridge.  This is a bridge and the lighting – no colors added by me – also add to the atmosphere on this evening.

I will take time to share some more photos from Singapore with you.  I honestly take them and am not sure yet what to actually do with them.  I do enjoy the process of composing a picture.  I enjoy finding an interesting angle, composing the shot and taking a deep breath and holding it while I gently squeeze the shutter of my camera.

If I can listening to Louis Armstrong at the same time, this is even better and is all I need to help me remember the experience.

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