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The Upper Deck Boys is a blog being written and published from Singapore.  We love following our sports back home, and being on the other side of the world should give our readers a fresh and interesting perspective on events.  The Boys of Summer League is a fantasy baseball league which was formed in 2009.  The league is comprise of a growing group of friends who invited this writer to participate in the silliness in 2005.  I must admit I felt like a “looser” when I joined – I mean what a waste of time.  Right?  Well, not exactly.

Have you ever done anything that combines several things you enjoy into a single event?  Maybe it’s planning a dinner party and preparing a great meal for friends and family.  Perhaps you look forward to seeing family and old friends and catching up on what your sister is up to now, and just what has gotten into your brother!  Playing in a fantasy league – whether it’s baseball, football or any other sport – may be like this to us.  It provides an opportunity to participate in something we all enjoy and we are able to learn about each other a little better as we play these silly games.

Over the past few years we have all been stretched and pulled in many different directions in our private lives.  We’ve all changed jobs, added and lost family members, and met new friends.  What has been a constant in our lives since 2005 has been these silly fantasy leagues.  Whether it was a league know as Boys of Summer, GOQ Finance, Back in First, Franceours Franks or the New Fab 5 which was the first league I joined in 2005, we have come together each season to “compete” to see who will be champ this year.

Most of the team managers are finance types:  Controllers, Financial Planning Analysts, and CFO’s.  We welcome all comers to our league and we warn everyone in advance that we are all competitive and passionate about our teams, our players our sports.  These provide a good diversion for us from the daily grind.  I for one enjoy waking up, or reading a lunch time just what “by boys” are up to today.  Participating in a fantasy league stretches you to follow many players and teams you otherwise would not necessarily want to follow.

We are spread across the globe – Singapore, Canada and the United States – and in the U.S. come from different cities and states.  So as a result, if you follow our blog know that you are following a diverse group of mostly men (seems the girls come in a play mostly in NFL football for some reason).  We will try to make this blog interesting for you… Thanks for checking us out!

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