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Teams Showing Balance: Baseball Standings entering May

May 1, 2012


The Boys of Summer League is as competitive as we can remember in a while.  The League expansion to 14 teams and early season trade generated some conversation and interest in early April.  Here is a run down of where the teams stand, as we enter May – beginning first with the teams in the Major Leagues.

Gil Elvgren, Fast Lass 1965

Major League Baseball Standings

Through April 30th, MLB teams have completed ~14% of their seasons.  As we enter May – here is what we know.

The Texas Rangers have balanced hitting and pitching, the Eastern Teams in both the American and National Leagues are playing very competitive ball and the Los Angeles Angles find themselves in a hole early in the season.

The Texas Rangers (17-6) sit a top of the American League and are looking real strong in the West Division.

They own a 9 game lead on the LA Angles (8-15), who finished April in last place in the West Division and who now trail in the Wild Card standings by 6 games.

The streaking Tamp Bay Rays (15-8) finished April strong winning 8 out their last 10 games and own a 1 game lead over the surprising Baltimore Orioles (14-9).  The Boston Red Sox (11-11) finished April winning 7 of their last 10, and trail Tampa Bay in the very competitive American League East by only 3.5 games.

The Cleveland Indians (11-9) are leaders in the American League Central Division as the only team playing above .500 ball in April.  The Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers both trail the Indians by a single game as they finished April winning 11 of their first 22 games.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (16-7) continue to ride the hot bat of Matt Kemp to lead the National League West by 3.5 games over the San Francisco Giants.  The Atlanta Braves (14-9) trail the Washington Nationals (14-8) by a 1/2 games and the St. Louis Cardinals (14-8) lead the Central Division in the national League by 3 games over the Cincinnati Reds.

Who’s Hot:  Tampa Bay, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds.  Each finished the month of April winning at least 7 of their last 10 games.

Who’s Cold:  Miami Marlins and the Minnesota Twins both losers of 8 of their last 10.

Boys of Summer Standings

Gil Elvgren, Just Like Old Times 1945

Through April 30th, the G-Glo and K-Braves continue to open their lead on the League.

G-Glo is riding a combination of hot hitting and solid pitching, and the K-Braves have picked the winners and made the best of “The Trade” of the year so far.  The K-Braves own the bragging rights for sure on the Cano trade – so far.

Los Malos Muchachos can’t seem to find any pitching to match their line-up of hitters.  The Dallas Dawgs are hanging in there, almost cracking the Top 5 as we end April.  In fact 3rd place to 10th place are getting very tight….

Boys of Summer League Standings, May 1st

The Singapore Thai-gers – much like the Los Angeles Angles – are having a tough time getting out of the gate.  As a late entry to the field, the Thai-gers have a way to go to move up a single slot.

Who’s Hot:  G-Glo, K-Braves, Dallas Dawgs, Cleveland Steamers

Who’s Cold: Los Malos Muchachos, Sounds, Mighty Montrealers

Good Luck to all teams in May!

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